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I'm Jacob, a vintage computing enthusiast. You may be able to tell this by the completely barebones HTML in use here. Unimpressive as it is, I did hand-code it, so I have a modicum of pride in it for what it is.
I'm also an aspiring C++ developer, emphasis on aspiring, so maybe one day whatever I make might be featured here as well as on github. I'm not sure how much I like the GPL for my code, personally, but an MIT license sounds pretty sane.

The main point of this page is to act as a benchmark for older browsers and computers; while the palette doesn't quite fit within the standard 16-color VGA mode in Windows 9x, the dithering isn't too annoying. Interestingly in the 16-color VGA mode for the graphical DOS browser, Arachne, it looks fine -- it may be my imagination but it looks a little darker, though it doesn't dither. I'm not so deluded as to think anyone will particularly care about what I have to say, or that it's especially important.

12 Sept 2023: *** UPDATE ***

I no longer have a Mastodon account. You'll just have to hope I update my projects here. Don't hold your breath.

I'm not thrilled about how that CSS snippet shows up in browsers that don't support it, but I can't think of anything better that isn't just manually counting characters and newlining as I write. That's simply not going to happen. I'm too lazy to regularly update this thing as it is, if I have to put more work into it it'll be even longer of a gap before I have the ambition to do it.

I recently dug up a song from an artist that seems to have completely disappeared off of the internet, from one of my old iPods. They were called The Freq and this was off their Cetacean album, it's called It All Starts. I have put it up here both as a means of archival and to convince myself that this actually existed and, no, I'm not crazy, because it's right here.

Page is best viewed with whatever you have handy. Yell at me if something doesn't work at jacob at sedrosken dot xyz.
This page is dedicated to Keith Kress in his memory. May he rest in peace.