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This is a neat little search engine for older machines, taking the approach of running search results through a script to strip out JS and pretty much anything not plain HTML. The result is pages that load ridiculously quickly, even on the slowest machines! Courtesy of Action Retro on YouTube. Text-only browser friendly!
Another search engine for vintage hardware. This takes the approach of having a whitelist of "retro-friendly" sites as far as I can tell. These sites can be much richer in multimedia, so unfortunately I can't give this my full recommendation for use with text-only browsers, but otherwise it's still very cool.
Another project of Action Retro's, this is a site designed specifically to make reading the news actually possible on just about any device. Like FrogFind, the target demographic is vintage computers, but really it's useful for anything -- the script used has a side effect of stripping ads from content and making it all fit on one page, so it's a distraction-free interface regardless of what device you're reading it from. Text-only browser friendly!

The passion project of someone I like to consider a personal friend, though he may not feel the same way, Kugee; a variety site of all kinds of stuff! Also a pretty heavy focus on old gear, but with a sense of humor I guarantee you'll not find elsewhere.

You probably already know about this guy. He's great! He runs an Internet Explorer hate-page and a GUI gallery, among some other things. Hours of entertainment to be had, and some useful guides to boot!

Pretty much OK with...
This is what used to be a comprehensive list of browsers for all sorts of platforms. I don't believe it's maintained these days, but it's a neat look back.

Reasons why Netscape sucks
As much as I loathe the (understandably anonymous) author's position on IE4 and the integration it shoved down peoples' throats, it's healthy to take in other viewpoints on such controversial issues. Well, controversial for the time, at least. And in certain circles.

The seemingly forgotten home page of self-proclaimed "Puter geek" Peter Crockett who, in his leisure time as a long-haul truck driver, worked on computers. Lots of useful stuff related to Windows 9x here, in particular I found his guide on optimizing virtual memory to be very interesting for my 486.

uxwbill's Website
Home of the relatively low-key YouTuber uxwbill, also known as William Walsh. A treasure trove of information (particularly about IBM PS/2s!) and entertainment alike, for those with relevant interests. I can't quite vouch for its complete and total usability with text-only browsers, though.

Page is best viewed with whatever you have handy. Yell at me if something doesn't work at jacob at sedrosken dot xyz.
This page is dedicated to Keith Kress in his memory. May he rest in peace.